The original tapas were the slices of bread or meat which sherry drinkers in Andalusian taverns used to cover their glasses between sips. This was a practical measure meant to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry .The meat used to cover the sherry was normally ham or chorizo, which are both very salty and activate thirst.

The verb “tapar” is to cover in Spanish so although there are many explanations and theories regarding the origins of tapas it is clear that it was food that accompanied drinks. Granada is a university city and tapas culture in Granada is deep rooted and the majority of bars serve tapas with the drinks.

There are numerous bars throughout Granada serving different tapas that differ mainly in quality and quantity. Here, we intend to recommend our favourites tapas bars, those who offer a great quality without disregarding the amount of food served:

Las Delicias


Las Delicias is a great tapas bar, only well-known among the locals. It is located in the junction between the streets Calle Andrés Segovia and Calle Agustin Lara. It does not have a website, this is a typical tapas bar where people from the Alminares neighbourhood eat typical Spanish food on a daily basis (they only close on Sundays).

The tapas vary from midday to the evening and you can choose among a wide range of delicious home-made Spanish food.




Located in Calle de Verónica de la Virgen 16 (close to El Corte Inglés), they offer a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas including delicious fried fish, roasted meat, gazpacho, salmorejo… They also know how to keep the appropriate balance between great quality and good quantity.


Los Diamantes


A very traditional bar with outstanding fish and seafood, they travel down to the coast everyday to make sure they only serve fresh food. Their fish and vegetables are simply amazing. They also serve paella during the day.

Their first bar was established in Calle Navas 28 in 1942. Due to their success, they have recently opened more bars, such us the one in Plaza Nueva.




A very traditional bar in Albaicin, where most of the locals living there enjoy tasty tapas while relaxing in the terrace. Its exact address is Calle Pagés 31. It is worth finding it from the famous San Nicolas viewpoint, walking for 10 minutes through Callejón de San Cecilio towards Plaza Larga and Calle del Agua with the purpose of discovering the beauty of this hidden corners of the Albaicin neighbourhood before eating there.



If you would like to socialize with friendly people who are fluent in both Spanish and English, Poë is the place. It is very close to the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting in the city centre, in Calle Verónica de la Magdalena 40. In Poë , the locals usually mix with people from all over the World who are travelling, visiting friends or ended up living in Granada like its founders, Matt and Anna.

The music is never too loud and it is the perfect place for language exchanges while enjoying their spicy tapas and liquors.